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Winc: Best Online Wine Shops in NYC

Wine, for those who drink it, is a great addition to anyone’s cellar and collection. Unfortunately, it was impacted by COVID-19, as have all imports from abroad. Foreign wines from New Zealand, Italy, Spain and France are becoming hard to come by, and can be expensive at these Mom and Pop wine cellars and stores. Despite that, there are some amazing online shops and Wine Clubs that are willing to deliver you wine right to your doorstep. So this way, you can get to drink the wine you want, be lazy, and avoid having to talk to people in the process. At most, there might be an awkward conversation between you and your mailman. Coronaphobes and Anti Social Wine Enthusiasts, keep reading. I got you.

Wine Clubs are some of the most convenient ways to buy wine online. After you’ve gone the wine club’s website, they take time to gauge your tastes by asking you questions, like your preferred flavor profile, tasting notes in wines that you like and dislike, and even asking what kinds of foods that you like. After you’ve gone through the questionnaire, they steer you to the wines you’d like, teach you about them, the region from where the grapes come, the climate and soil the grapes were grown in, and what foods would pair well with that particular wine.

Winc is one of the premiere wine clubs, and I can personally vouch for that. Winc enables you to select from a wide variety of wines, which I think is important for trying wines you don’t like to expand on your tastes. The folks at Winc divide their wines into several different categories ranging from the region of your wine, to how your wine was made (Winc cares about the Vegans) to how dry or sweet you’d like your wines to be. Despite the fact they business is impacted due to COVID and tariffs, Winc’s selection retains variety and lets you know when the wine you REALLY wanted comes back in stock.

What I’m seriously feeling Winc for this pandemic season is its recurring credits system. Winc charges your account every month, enabling you to order bottles of your choice to enjoy. Winc Members get discounts, and if you do your math right, you can get 4 amazing bottles of wine a month. Rose? Winc’s got’em. Spanish Brut? Yep, Winc’ got you. Organic and Vegan Wines? Winc keeps in mind those who keep their bodies and environment in mind. Before you know it, you’ll treat the routine of getting wine delivered to you like some boujee room service like a holiday.

Another often overlooked caveat with Winc’s Club is its wine gifting and referral service. Winc’s “Give a Box” program enables people who have a Winc account to gift a box of 3 wines along with an opportunity to join Winc with a discounted price. This is perfect for those who want to get their feet wet with wine, as the club asks them all the question necessary to find out what their tastes are, and to give them just that. Winc’s just as giving when it comes down to referring people to their programs. Referring a future Wine Enthusiast (they will be in time if stay with Winc) will net both you and the referred credits to buy wine with. With members’ ability to rate and review wine on the website, your friends can buy the wines you recommend, and those you highly rate.

Between the broad wine selection, the numerous ways to get your friends and family in on the action with referrals and gifts, the recipes and pairings (which are amazing by the way, check out Winc’s recipes for a dope date night!) Winc is without a doubt one of the best online wine shops out. If you’re interested in buying wine, getting more familiar with wine and foods that they pair with, or you’re too lazy to head over to your local spot to get wine, invest in Winc’s membership. Once you’re stuck in, tell me which wines you like best. I’ll be more than willing to tell you mine.

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