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Top 5 Hotels in New York

Top 5 Hotels in New York

Let’s take the time to imagine a certain scenario, I’ll provide the context. Let’s imagine that you can fly to New York without restrictions, and you had a budget to stay at any hotel you wanted. If you’re like most people, you would probably want to get pampered in one of the Top 5 Hotels in New York City. Lucky for you, I’m making that list, and saving you the trouble of having to dig through google search results and looking up hotels one by one. Now, I present to you, New York’s Top 5 Hotels, as listed by US News, for the year 2021.

1. The Peninsula New York – 700 5th Ave, New York

The Peninsula New York

The Peninsula Hotel has a rich history of being one of NYC’s flagship hotels. Established in 1928, The Peninsula is synonymous with NYC's upscale hospitality, heritage, and history. Rooms boast from 400 sq ft to over 3300 sq ft of luxe living. (The Peninsula Suite is RIDICULOUS!) Amenities include, but definitely are not limited to, a spa, pool, and fitness center. The Peninsula Restaurant, Clement at The Peninsula, is a very highly regarded restaurant, and would likely be one of the highlights of your stay. If you do plan a luxe stay in NYC, The Peninsula Hotel would definitely be one of the first on your list.


  • Historic NYC hotel

  • Amazing Amenities

  • 5-star Restaurant

  • Price deals to get the room you can afford


  • Extremely pricey, as you might have guessed

  • Very Modern architectural style, other top hotels may be a better match for your tastes


2. The Pierre New York, A Taj Hotel – 2 E 61st Street, New York

The Pierre New York, A Taj Hotel

Next up is a hotel with a major emphasis on luxury living, and pampering. The Pierre dates all the way back to 1930, is located on the Upper East Side (another big selling point), and prides itself on its luxe amenities and experience. From high-class dining, (they literally serve you breakfast lunch, and tea!) to Ballroom Dancing, Gala Events, and Fashion Shows, The Pierre really strikes me as the establishment that hosted Masquerades back when they were popular.


  • High-class Luxe lifestyle as a selling point

  • Amenities that pamper you, such as complimentary robes, hair salons

  • Excellent dining

  • Many special offers for suite pricing, including an “Every 4th night” complimentary gift


  • Many complain that The Pierre is overpriced for its services.

  • If the overly luxurious life isn’t for you, then The Pierre certainly isn’t.


3. Baccarat Hotel – 28 W 53rd Street, New York

Baccarat Hotel

“In white daylight, rainbows cascading, a spectrum of swatches cast from a trillion facets. By night, dimmed shimmer and champagne flutes. Gem-red spheres of fresh roses. THIS IS BACCARAT.” The Baccarat Hotel is a Modern-style Parisian hotel with an emphasis on art and show. Suites and other areas are adorned with Chandeliers, chic French-style furniture, and a basic yet beautiful color palette. Baccarat’s Spa de la Mer is world-renowned, as skincare brand La Mer oversees the treatments and skincare formulas used in their treatments. Baccarat, in addition to great service, wishes for its patrons to live the life of a wealthy person in Paris, who just wants to wind down.


  • Beautiful establishment, best of French style artisanship.

  • Spa de la Mer is one of the best hotel spa's in the world.

  • Excellent dining and catering events.


  • You guessed it, PRICEY!

  • Some of the above hotels offer more room variety and space


4. The Langham Hotel – 400 5th Ave, New York

The Langham Hotel

The Langham is the premier modern-styled hotel, with a sleek, chic contemporary architecture style. Where the other hotels on this aim to mirror the style and focus of the past (both French and American pasts) The Langham looks to aim to the present and future in its delivery. Because of that, The Langham is great for events and parties and appeals, especially to the Millennial crowd. Another selling point The Langham has, is Al Fiori, a One Michelin Starred restaurant run by The Langham. Al Fiori offers food so good, that even if you don’t choose The Langham for your stay, you very well may visit for your dinner.


  • Very chic and modern architecture and style

  • Great for events and highlights landmarks

  • Spacious rooms

  • Al Fiori is a Michelin starred restaurant


  • You’ll be paying a premium for your stay… SURPRISE.

  • The above-listed hotels offer more amenities and gifts during your stay.


5. The Carlyle – 35 E 76th Street, New York

Rich history, and a sense of the old American dream, are how I’d describe The Carlyle. Having been around since 1930, The Carlyle looks and feels like New York as one can get. The Presidential, Carlyle, and Central Park Suites carry a feeling of early 20th-century panache and flair, and their wedding space, restaurant, and other meeting spaces all carry that same style. The Carlyle Restaurant looks similar to Jean Georges, very elegant and classy. Café Carlyle offers live entertainment, The Gallery is more for tea parties and brunch, and Bemelmans’ Bar represents The Carlyle’s nightlife. I think the older boomer crowd may like The Carlyle the most.


  • 1930’s Great Gatsby-esque type of hotel

  • Great suites, old-style yet very lavish

  • Many options for dining and nightlife


  • Very expensive, as if you didn’t see that coming.

  • Suites look very similar, no major changes

  • The above hotels offer more amenities and a variety


NYC is no doubt home to many luxurious and interesting hotels not listed here. If you do use one of the above hotels for an NYC stay, I do hope you get to explore. Each landmark and hotel add to and enrich NY’s long history and culture. After all, when New York starts a trend, most other places follow. So, when you’re in New York setting trends, make sure you’re doing it in a 3000+ sq ft luxe suite, overseeing the city.

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