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Blogging in the time of The 'Rona - A Sharp Knife, and Sharper Knife Skills

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

COVID-19 sucks. Your ability to live life on your own terms has been hindered, and depending on where you live, that autonomy can range from a slight hinderance to full on lock down. You can't go out to eat as much as you like. You can't go clubbing. Your dating life may have been affected. This situation blows, no doubt about it, but that's the glass half empty.

Looking at the half full, you have a whole bunch more time to work on things you always wanted to at home. So you decide to make a subscription to The Food Network App. You decide to look at those old cookbooks you may or may not have bought to impress your friends. You go out and buy everything for your 5-star meal. You're in your kitchen, ready to slice and dice your mirepoix and other aromatics. And then it hits you. Your knife skills are trash, and your budget knife set from Costco (sorry Costco!) quite literally isn't cutting it.

One crucial thing people miss, aside from the years of kitchen experience that these celebrity chefs have, are AMAZING knives. Misono, Shun, Masamono, Wusthof. These impressive brands could be found in top kitchens all over the world. But they have equally impressive(read EXPENSIVE) price tags. However, there are some that can do a little bit of both. Mercer is solid knife brand, whose knife sets won't break the bank. Wusthof single knives and knife sets can be reasonable. These can hold you over until you get the confidence to buy a big boy.

Until then, step ya knife skills up. What's the textbook size of a small dice? A Brunoise? Are your Batonettes all even? How many cuts on ya hand you got? These are all things that will make your kitchen experience easier and keeps the fancy food flowing. Make the best of your time in The 'Rona, aaaand in the kitchen.


(The Pic is my baby, an Iseya VG Series Japanese Chef Knife, straight from Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan. She's a DIME.)

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