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Best Online Wine Shops

Summer’s been in effect for some time. The temperature is at its hottest point of the year. Pollen allergies are hitting especially hard this year, and you can host 4 whole people over your apartment to have fun. Why not enjoy one of the fancier kinds of libations? Allow me to introduce you to my take on Summer 2021’s 5 Best Online Wine Shops. There are several online wine stores that will safely and promptly deliver wine to your doorstep, and at the end of the day, it’s up to you where you choose to spend your hard-earned money. But with this list, I’ll be discussing the wineshops that have the most character, quirks, and reasons as to why you should choose them over anyone else.

The truth is even the smallest of differences of what a wineshop offers can make or break a sale or a possible subscription. Taking some time to figure out what wine you like or why you like wine is necessary. If all you’re interested in is the generic boxed wine, a subscription from SommPicks likely isn’t going to be for you. If you like having a large number of options, choosing a service that has a small selection, or normally has low stock, ain’t gonna cut it. So for this list, We’ll be taking a subjective look at a variety of wine shops, taking note of what the general theme is and what this brand has to offer over others. With this list, you’ll have all of your bases covered and all your needs attended to. It's time to open the China Cabinet and put those wine glasses to use.

1. Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit

Bottlerocket is an NYC-based wine shop that offers a litany of options. The one thing that stood out the most to me was the ability to buy wine based on food pairings. Bottlerocket helps you to pair wine with poultry, beef, game and pork, seafood, snacks, desserts, and even takeout food! If you can think of cuisine of takeout food, Bottlerocket has thought of it first. In addition to this, they have a great selection of not only NYC-based wines (as well as other American wines) but wine from all over the world. Most of the wines at Bottlerocket are reasonably priced, and they have subscription models for those who consistently want wine from them as well. Lastly, they sell whiskey and other spirits, as well as offering recipes for cocktails.


  • Excellent choice to pair wine with food.

  • Large selection of wines to choose from.

  • Features wines from all over the world, namely France and Italy.

  • Offers a Subscription model.


  • Doesn’t offer the choice to buy, search or review wines based on personal preference.

  • The subscription model can be a bit pricey, and only offers two bottles of wine a month, while other wineshops normally offer more.


2. Sommpicks

Indicative by the clean-cut design of the website, is an online wine shop that sells very high-end wines, and some spirits. They specialize in wines from abroad, namely France, Italy, and Switzerland. You’d be hard-pressed to find deals in this shop. Sommpicks aspires to give you the best of the best of the Old World.


  • Very high-quality wines from the Old World (Europe, Spain)

  • Amazing variety and from the Old World

  • Can buy accessories for your shelf, such as wine glasses


  • Wines at Sommpicks are generally pricey

  • Lacks variety from most other parts of the world

  • No monthly subscription program


3. Winc

Winc is a wine shop that caters to you, and the wines that you want to drink. This subscription-based model of wineshop asks you what wines you like by finding out how you eat your food. Do you like salt? Do you enjoy the taste of tobacco? Do you like sweet food? These are just of few of the questions asked when Winc decides which kind of wines you like to drink. Winc’s website also has dishes featured by home cooks or bloggers to pair their wines with. Winc covers from the novice to the Wine Aficionado.


  • Very customizable asks questions to see which wines are best for you

  • Decent variety from around the world, but predominantly American wines

  • The excellent subscription model can get 4 bottles of wine for about $60


  • Some of the best bottles can occasionally be out of stock


4., LLC.

Have you wondered how it would be if a large, wholesale store or distributor sold wine? has the be the closest thing to that. is a huge wine retailer, features wines from literally all over the world. also features commentary from highly regarded wine critics and wine blogs, as well as suggestions on why you should buy a particular bottle. Want a perfect gift? Buy this wine. Are you a collector? If so, then they have a section for that too. Their subscription model, “Picked” is a creative one. When you start the membership, you get assigned a Sommelier that will look over the bottles you’ve chosen in the past and suggest other bottles that are just like them. One more thing I found interesting, is that can keep you up to date on the social aspect of wine, more specifically where to get the best wines, and which wines are considered the best of the best from a said company or corporation, or critic.


  • An extremely large and diverse selection of wine

  • Well thought out and interactive wine club

  • Ability to see and choose wines based on big-name wine critics and blogs

  • Can cater to the person who knows nothing of wine, to the advanced level enthusiast

  • Can buy wine accessories, such as glasses


  • Wine club “Picked” can be a bit pricey

  • Only features information about wine and spirits, no cocktail recipes or food pairings


5. Chambers Street Wines

Aligning with more modern trends and beliefs, Chambers St. Wines looks to deliver organic, low sulfur or sulfur-free, and Biodynamic wines (biodynamic being completely organic, using no pesticides, and no chemical fertilizer) from countries like South Africa, Portugal, New Zealand, and more. Chambers St. Wines highlights wineries and vineyards that produce wines naturally and organically, keeping anyone who wants these wines abreast of what’s happening in the world of wine. I really like that Chambers St. Wines has sampler cases, which enables you to buy from 12 – 16 wines for a very good price. Chambers St. Wines also has 4 different wine clubs: Natural Wines Club, Obscure Varieties Club, Grower Champagne Club, and Grand Cru Club-Chambers Street Style. With these clubs, Chambers St. Wines offers the ability to mix and match these clubs to get you the wine you want.


  • Great place to buy organic wine

  • Decent diversity of wine

  • Keeps it patrons aware of the organic wine industry through articles posted on the website

  • Wine Samplers are an amazing bargain

  • Can mix wine clubs to get exactly what you want

  • Can buy accessories from this site


  • Not much in terms of food pairings and recipes

  • Only sells organic wine, if this is a problem, you’ll have to look elsewhere


The variety of options these shops provide can keep you busy well past the summer. They're too much to sort through, and too many ways to mix, customize and curate the wine experience that will properly cap off your summer. The services are out there. The wine is out there. All you have to do is look… and drink. Cheers.

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